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Land Of Plenty Food Co. launches Gravity Seltzer Zero% alcohol to market

December 12, 2022

Athlete-owned Gravity Seltzer Co. launches Zero % Gravityand major distribution deal with Land Of Plenty Food Co.Australia’s hottest drinks start-up has continued its meteoric rise after today signing a masterdistribution deal for its non-alcoholic version of their brewed seltzer with one of the country'sleading premium retail and food service suppliers.Gravity Seltzer Co., which is backed by several prominent investors, will have its new “ZeroGravity” 0% Alcohol Range, be distributed by Land Of Plenty Food Co., which supplies over2,000 customers across Australia and New Zealand.Thanks to the Land Of Plenty Food Co. partnership, Gravity Seltzer has its sights set onsupermarkets, independent grocers, airlines and food service outlets in Australia and NewZealand.Gravity Seltzer, through its own outreach efforts, already has a presence in stores, bars andrestaurants all within its first 12 months. It’s also recently secured the tender to become theOfficial seltzer supplier for Accor Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park, as well as CommBankStadium at Parramatta, McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, and WIN Stadium and WINEntertainment Centre in Wollongong."Gravity Seltzer is the first seltzer company to launch a zero-alcohol range with all the sameflavours as its alcohol range. That’s important for athletes, as well as anyone else who ismindful of what they consume. Our Blood Orange & Passionfruit, Kiwi & Guava, Ginger &Lime and Watermelon & Salty Lemon are the fruity paradise, all in a can for a big summerahead,” said co-founder Liam Battye.Land Of Plenty Food Co. founder Karen Lavecky said Gravity Seltzer is a natural fit for afood group that has built a reputation for premium products that focus on quality andinnovation.“We love the fact Gravity Seltzer is brewed naturally, vegan, 99% sugar-free and comes in aunique range of flavours,” she said."We also believe Gravity Seltzer's eye-catching packaging, as well as the amazingmarketing support it gives to its clients through its point-of-sale marketing and influencer athlete owners, is outstanding."“When you put all those things together, we know Gravity Seltzer is going to be in-demand inthe venues we distribute to.”Gravity Seltzer is co-owned by fitness influencer Jenna Louise and several professionalathletes, including professional surfer Cooper Chapman, eight-times world championwakeboarder Harley Clifford, ironman Mat Poole and globally renowned freestyle motocrossrider Harry Bink, as well as a boutique marketing agency, its founders Liam Battye and MickSpencer, and industry heavyweights from brands like Coca-Cola, Carlton United Breweriesand Carlsberg.Battye said these athletes had heavily influenced Gravity Seltzer’s range.“They told us they wanted to have a light, flavoursome, non-alcoholic beverage they couldconsume before jumping in the surf or after competing in a gruelling event,” he said.Battye said Gravity Seltzer was excited about the Land Of Plenty Food Co. partnership.“They’re a highly respected, award-winning company that has an incredible portfolio ofclients and provides exceptional performance,” he said."They also have a broad footprint that will help us promote the brand to many more people.“Gravity Seltzer is tapping into two of the largest growth markets in the drinks industry rightnow, in terms of seltzer and zero-alcohol, which means there’s a lot of opportunity to grow inour home market.“But we also want to grow internationally. Land Of Plenty Food Co. will help us push intoNew Zealand, which is exciting. That will then give us the experience and credibility we need to target distribution deals globally."


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