Lotus & Ming

The flavours of Asian fused with the tastes of Australia. Welcome to the delectable world of Lotus & Ming…
Using passion and innovation to create each and every recipe, our ethos is to make your lotus and ming eating experience exciting, delicious and most importantly, easy.
Each of our unique premium products are handcrafted by our dedicated team of traditional chefs using the freshest of ingredients and the finest produce available each day. Made with no preservatives or added MSG, lotus and ming offers an enchanting range of flavours that speaks of nothing but pure indulgence.
Whether they are to be enjoyed at home, prepared for a larger gathering or special event, lotus and ming’s deluxe range including favourites such as our Peking Duck and Apple Wontons and Sesame Barramundi Spring Rolls, is sure to delight.Lotus & ming is HACCP certified and offers gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.